The Five Best Experiences From Drink Miami Hostel 2018

Diplomatico Rum was one of the brands featured by Miami New Times‘ article about Drink Miami Hostel 2018. Read below:
“It’s not inaccurate to describe Drink Miami Hostel as fashion week for cocktails. This past Saturday, the cocktail event that’s sold out every year brought back a tour de force of liquor brands with nearly 40 drinks from around the world, inspired by countries as close to home as Cuba and as far away as Greece.
A few trends were readily apparent, from the abundance of rum — oftentimes served on the rocks — to en vogue sustainability. This year, Bacardi and Ilegal Mezcal opted for metal or paper straws and reusable cups to reduce waste. Bacardi even garnished its Cuatro Sunset Swizzle — a punch-style cocktail made with lychee ice cream and pineapple, lime, and grapefruit juices — with an edible flower.
Of all the choices, a few brands stood out from the rest. Here are some of the notable cocktails from this year’s Drink Miami Hostel.
1. Ron Diplomático’s Island Retreat. Bartenders Gabe Benavides and Ben Potts served drinks in Ron Diplomático’s tropical-island-themed room. “We’re an island off the coast of Venezuela getting fucked up,” Benavides proclaimed as he mixed the room’s signature cocktail, a bright-orange rum-based cocktail that’s two parts coconut water, one part cinnamon, and a dash of chocolate bitters. “Suntan lotion, rum, coconuts, people, sun, sweat,” Benavides continued. “Paragliding!” All of the guests in the room agreed: It was the best room, due in no small part to Benavides’ exuberance.

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