• Publication: La Cucina Italiana
  • Producer: Zabov

Zabov Zabaglione

It commonly starts with a base of advocaat, an eggnog-like brandy liquer popular in the Netherlands, Belgium, southern Germany and Austria )an example of the myriad lingering Germanic influences on Italy’s norther border regions since the fall of the Austro-Hungarian empire), or VOV or Zabov brand names of similarly yolky, Marsala-infused liquers from northern Italy that are essentially drinkable zabaglione. Either way, the Bombardino finishes with a bang- its creamy base mized with a shot of brandy, hence the name, which roughly translates to “little bomb”. Though you can buy bottled advocaat, VOV or Zabov, which work well if you’re short on time, it’s just as easy to make your own at home.