• Product: Stock & Stein Riesling Trocken
  • Formats available: 750 ml
  • Appellation: Qualitätswein Rheingau
  • Country: Germany
  • Raw materials: Riesling
  • SoilType: Clayey loam and loess
  • Exposition: Southbound
  • Harvest Date: Early October 2010
  • Average Yield: 50 hl/ha
  • Region: Rheingau
  • Average Of Vineyards: 10-30 yrs
  • Elevation: 70-120m above sea level
  • Fermentation Method: Fermented with the natural yeast
  • Duration And Aging Method: Matured in stainless steal tanks for six months and bottled at the end of April 2011
  • Alcohol Content: 12%
  • Acidity: 7.9 g/l
  • Residual Sugar: 6.1 g/l
  • Production: 6,000 bottles
  • PRICE via SevenFifty


The grapes are harvested by hand and by machine. The grapes are then pressed immediately and the grape juice is fermented with the natural yeast and stored in stainless steal tanks. The young wine is handled absolutely naturally in compliance with the phases of the moon. No finings were used. The Riesling matured with the yeast over 5 months and after being filtered it is bottled end of April 2012.

The stimulating Stock & Stein Riesling is the perfect companion for an evening on the terrace, a cook-out, a snack or a “gemuetlich” chat with friends.