• Product: Planas Rum
  • Formats available: 750 ml
  • Raw materials: Molasses and sugar cane honeys.
  • Fermentation Method: 50% heavy rums (Pot Still) / 50% light & semi-heavy rums (Column/Batch Kettle). The complex charcoal filtration process carried out prior to bottling gives this rum its crystal clear appearance and smooth finish.
  • Duration And Aging Method: up to 6 years.
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The Planas valley, is the region where the Diplomático distillery, is located at the foot of the Andes mountains. The area benefits from an ideal terroir and micro-climate for the production of the finest rums. Planas is an elegant and rich blend, surprisingly intense, with an unexpected explosion of flavors and aromas, balanced by a delicate smoothness.

Fresh and tropical aromas like ground coffee and coconut lead to slightly fruity and creamy flavors. The extraordinary balance of this exquisite rum provides a delicate and pronounced finish.