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    Nantou Distillery
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    1978 (Whisky distillery from 2008)
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  • Product: Omar Single Malt Sherry Style
  • Formats available: 750 ml
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Region: Nantou
  • Alcohol Content: 46%


Nose: Initial scent is floral with hint of sulphur, then ripened banana, saltine crack-er, dry plum, followed by jam, sandalwood and dark chocolate.
Palate: Full body and sweet, with hint of smokiness, like eating caramel toast.
Finish: Dry fruit, orange cake flavour that is long lasting.
Non-chill filtered whisky is bottled at 46% abv to keep the best aroma and palate. The blending batch is done with
careful selection and marked on the bottle. Brass colour of label represents the richness and mellowness of the fruity sherry whisky.