• Product: Vieux Marc de Bourgogne
  • Formats available: 750ml
  • Appellation: Vieux Marc de Bourgogne
  • Country: France
  • Vintage: 1990
  • Region: Burgundy
  • Vineyard Site: Cotes de Nuits
  • Fermentation Method: Copper Column Still
  • Alcohol Content: 40%
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Marc brandies are distilled from grape pomace (skins, stems and seeds) leftover from the winemaking process. This pomace then has water added to it, unlike grappa and is then distilled, oftentimes using portable stills that are wheeled out directly into the vineyards. Like Armagnac, Marc brandies are distilled once before going into Limousin oak barrels for aging.
Producer Didier Meuzard takes his still into the vineyards in places like Cotes de Nuits and Gevrey-Chambertin, where his work begins shortly after the harvest. Meuzard’s Vieux Marc de Bourgogne, an 18 year old marc brandy offers an intriguing bouquet of freshly roasted almonds, honeysuckle and oak, while offering dried plum and raisin notes on the palate.