• Product: Mantuano Rum
  • Formats available: 750 ml
  • Raw materials: Molasses and sugar cane honeys.
  • Duration And Aging Method: Column, Batch Kettle and Pot Still.
  • PRICE via SevenFifty


Mantuano translates to “a local noble man,” and is inspired by Don Juancho who used his position of influence to benefit the development of the region he held so dear. Mantuano is an extraordinary blended rum aged for up to 8 years. Superbly balanced and with a taste profile ideal for mixing in cocktails, Mantuano’s body and complexity will also appeal to those who prefer to drink it neat.

Opening aroma of dried fruits like plums, oak and delicate spiciness. Entry provides complex and well-balanced notes of dried fruits, wood and vanilla. Concludes with a pleasant finish.