• Product: Manos Negras Pinot Noir
  • Formats available: 750 ml
  • Country: Argentina
  • Raw materials: 100% Pinot Noir
  • Region: Añelo, Neuquen
  • Elevation: 480 m (1,500’) elevation
  • Duration And Aging Method: 12 months in French oak,10% new
  • Acidity: 5.9 / 3.6


It is rather ironic that that the finicky Pinot Noir chose the rugged hinterlands of Patagonia’s far southerly vineyards to show its unique South American expression. This wine was sourced from the heart of Pinot country – Añelo, in the far reaches of Neuquen. These wind swept vineyards with their cool southerly temperatures produce a wine of deep red color, with floral aromas, ripe red fruit flavours and a soft, supple texture.