The deep, amber-tinted colour is a mark of its raising process. The fine and generous bubbles form an attractive and constantly renewed bubble trail.
A very fine nose with the elegance and freshness of honeysuckle, yellow fruit and green almonds with a pleasant dash of mint.
To the palate
Great elegance, round and delectable, savours of pair with yellow fruit and dried apricots, with finish featuring orange zest and chocolate. A subtle balance between the smooth meatiness of this wine and the chalky, fresh notes in its finish.
Tasting & serving:
At 12°C, its power and strong personality open up a wide gastronomic choice ranging from bass in fennel to pork tenderloin in honey, or duck with citrus fruit and turnip conserve; or serve it at 8°C if you are raring to go – slightly chilled in the ice-bucket.