A luminous and delicate blonde colour, crowned with creamy foam.
A mature and fine nose of beautiful complexity, with cooked pair and cherries, opening out to gourmet notes of yellow flowers, peaches, vanilla and white pepper and then warming to finely spiced perfumes of honey, hinting at a glowing future.
This is dense, warm and winey, very well balanced, with lively effervescence and beautiful freshness. The tender texture and mellow tannins, added to the crisp, chalky impression of the finish, are typical of how it was raised and enliven a beautiful array of aromas.
Tasting & Serving:
CODE NOIR is a brilliant and nuanced romantic, asserting its personality and always ready to seduce. Served at 8°C, it is a refreshing aperitif, while at 12°C, it will enhance quality poultry, veal or fish in cream sauce.