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UNIVITIS, the largest group of wine producers in Bordeaux and the South West of France, has endeavoured to promote the region’s qualities since 1984 by highlighting the character of its wines, which are produced from a mosaic of terroirs and appellations. On the basis of close relationships with its producers and by listening to consumers, UNIVITIS creates constantly-evolving ranges of Wines from Bordeaux and the South West of France.

By providing an interface between its producers and its customers, and perfecting its role from the vineyard to the bottle, UNIVITIS has developed a powerful tool that enhances quality and contributes to the satisfaction of its customers and of consumers generally. Selling a wide range of Wines from Bordeaux and the South West of France, both in bulk to trading houses and in bottles, both in France and abroad, the Union of UNIVITIS Producers has proved itself to be a major player in the A.O.C. wine sector. At the cross-roads between tradition and innovation, and with an emphasis on developing creativity, the UNIVITIS team is totally committed to serving customers in the best way possible.


The Chevalier de Saint Andre wine is Univitis’ bestseller. Sold all around the world, the wine’s success is due to its ability to please a broad range of palates. Indeed, Chevalier de Saint Andre is a wine that can be enjoyed by new wine drinkers due to its soft tannins as well as connoisseurs who will be able to pick up on its wide range of red and black berry aromas. The wine was named in tribute to St Andre the 1st apostle, famous for his crucifixion on an X cross. In the 13th century, time of the crusades, the knights (chevaliers) stole the symbolic cross to hide it in France.