• Country: Japan


Since the word “Birthplace of Sake” was carved on the stone monument at Shoryaku Temple in Nara, Nara has been acknowledged as the place where sake was originally brewed. At the foot of Mt. Katsuragi in Nara, Umenoyado Brewery was founded in 1893. For 120 years, they have kept our motto “small volume, yet high quality.” On the basement of 120 years, Umenoyado Brewery now starts to take a step forward.
Their sake is handcrafted and brewed with high average polishing ratio of rice, 55% (45% of original rice weight is polished away). Even though the sake brewing process is becoming automated nowadays, they choose to keep a traditional brewing method and produce our high-quality sake. Their sake, which is handcrafted based on blessing of nature, is their pride.
Based on what they have learned for 120 years, they are seeking new possibility in sake. This is their new challenge. As the globalization is accelerated, the range of options for enjoying sake is expanding more and more. Thus, we need to create a new standard of sake and provide an innovative option for enjoying sake in order to attract the young generation and the world.