• Country: United States
  • Winemaker: Amanda and Nick Swift


Swift Single Malt captures authentic Scottish whisky making traditions and brings them home to Texas. Amanda and Nick Swift do everything from grain to glass in pursuit of the finest finish. This labor of love is the best part of their story. In Scotland, single malts are most often named after the family or the location of the distillery. They decided to go with Swift, their last name. They believe in following Irish and Scottish traditions in whiskey making, so it just made sense to honor the family name’s Scottish heritage. They traveled to Scotland, Ireland, Japan, and hit the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. They visited distilleries, breweries, vineyards, and cooperages. They collaborated with Portuguese still makers, Spanish bodegas, and the people of Dripping Springs, Texas. They tasted and tested their way through bourbons and sherries and barrel staves. In the end, we selected every single thing with meticulous care for quality and flavor.
They begin with 100% Scottish two-row malted barley. To get at all of the grain’s sugars, Amanda hand-mills 400 pound batches into a course flour, checking the grind by sight. They ferment their mash with select, single malt yeast. They take the hot wort from the mash tun, cool it, and carefully strain it to control the flavors produced by their long ferment. They twice-distill bucket-by-bucket, fine-tuning the spirit by taste. They selected their hand-hammered copper pot stills from Portugal for their superior flavor production. They use Kentucky Bourbon barrels and Oloroso sherry casks from Spain. They treat their bourbon barrels and sherry casks with tender loving care. After a long journey from Kentucky or Jerez, Spain, a leak here or there is only to be expected.

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