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A group of friends from Casablanca gathered together in 2005 to form Viña Quintay in order to produce the best sample of Sauvignon Blanc in the Casablanca Valley. Thus began the production of other varieties some years later: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Syrah from the Casablanca Valley, all of extraordinary quality.

Viña Quintay is located in the Casablanca Valley, a coastal plain off the Santiago-Valparaiso highway in Chile’s 5th Region. This valley has been internationally considered as the best in Chile for the production of white wines.

The winemaking history of Casablanca Valley dates back to the early 1980´s thanks to the area’s climatic characteristics much influenced by breezes from the Pacific and soils suitable for growing grapes. Slowly but surely, it has become one of Chile’s favourite valleys for wine-industry projects.

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