• Vineyard Area: 20 ha
  • Soil Type: Grey quarzit and versicolored slate covered by sandy loam and loess
  • Varieties Cultivated: Riesling, Pinot Noir
  • Annual Production: 120,000 bottles
  • Country: Germany
  • Winemaker: Peter Jakob Kühn & Peter Bernhard Kühn
  • Topography: South-western exposed gentle slopes


Founded in 1786 by Jacobus Kühn, The Kühn estate remains a family operated winery currently run by 11th generation winemakers Peter Jakob, his wife Angela, and their son Peter Bernhard. The entirety of their efforts is in the pursuit of exploring the potential of and finding the purest possible expression of, their grapes. Peter Bernhard graduated from the prestigious Geisenheim university after stages in Burgundy and Alsace (at Zind-Humbrecht) and has been working in the estate’s cellars ever since. Having studied thoroughly both the philosophical aspects of biodynamicism and the science of both grape growing and winemaking, Peter Junior lends a fantastic perspective and represents the next generation of Kühn family winemaking.
The Kühn family history is intrinsically woven into their land. For over 200 years the Kühns have meticulously maintained their vineyards and developed a deep appreciation of their land, its flora and fauna. The decision to embrace biodynamic principles was borne of this relationship and an earnest desire to produce vibrant, expressive wines that did justice to the terroir on which their family has farmed for 10 generations. As the first (and still the only) biodynamic producer in the Rheingau, the Kühns have fully embraced every aspect of the preparation, the application and the philosophy of biodynamic farming and have quickly become icons for profound Riesling and natural, organic wines.

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