Paniza is made up of a cooperative of 400 growers encompassing 6,200 acres who share a highly unified approach driven by quality production. Paniza benefits from a wide variety of microclimates spanning limestone, sand and clay stone soils which allow the team to choose between a variety of vineyards to find the balance they need. The flagship of the winery is almost 200 acres of old vines, ranging from 50 years in age to a vineyard first planted in 1906 with Garnacha, Cariñena, Tempranillo and Moristel varieties. These singular plots produce very low yield, highly complex fruit and are entirely hand-harvested to preserve them for future generations.

Paniza harvests around 15 million kilos of grapes a year in two month, and has storage capacity for 15 million litres in stainless steel tanks and oak barrels. In recent years the winery has undergone an extensive upgrade, and is now fitted with cutting-edge technology which can achieve and maintain a high level of excellence.

Fermentation and stabilisation take place at controlled temperature (whites at 14-16ºC and reds at 26-28ºC). The form of storage and degree of ageing differ, depending on the wines that are going to be the end product. The young wines, whites, rosés and reds are stored in stainless steel tanks, whilst the Crianzas, Reservas and Grandes Reservas are placed in our cool cellars, cut from the rock and accommodating 13,000 French and American oak barrels.

The winery is certified to BRC (Grade A) and IFS Food (Higher Level) standards.

Our winery’s recent modernization was undertaken to bring its image into line with the firm’s core values: modernity, innovation and research.