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  • Varieties Cultivated: Saga Barley: 67% is barley, 33% is black koji rice. Lemongrass: 95% is rice and white koji rice, 5% is fresh organic lemongrass.
  • Annual Production: 10,000 bottles
  • Country: Japan
  • Winemaker: Munemasa Shuzo Co., LTD.


Mizu is proudly distilled by the Munemasa Shuzo Co. of Arita, Japan. While honoring the traditional shuzo methods, Munemasa is driven by a passion to craft the unexpected and to create shochu of uncommon character. Founded in 1985, Munemasa infuses creativity, innovation and a unique perspective into the traditional Japanese spirit. This is the way of our master distillers, Wada-san and Okoba-san, who make the Mizunomai in the artisanal, old-style method, while adding unusual and unconventional twists for the more bold shochu lover.
Japanese shochu is a distilled spirit that is remarkably smooth and light with delicate, earthy notes seldom found in Western spirits. These distinctive flavors are a tribute to the local harvests – typically barley, sweet potato, sugar cane or rice – and are rooted in a deep appreciation for the purity and perfection found in nature. To capture the true essence of these ingredients, ‘honkaku’ (authentic style) shochu is distilled only one time. The traditional method of single distillation preserves and highlights the naturally occurring oils and aromas that deliver the spirit’s unfamiliar, yet exquisite flavors.

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