• Varieties Cultivated: Tempranillo
  • Country: Spain


Rioja Baja is where it all began.

Hacienda Marqués de la Concordia, an old sugar factory turned into a wine estate, is where we keep tradition alive while breaking new ground.

We fought for the experimental status in our vineyard, as it allows us to experiment with different grapes varieties. We are still the only vineyard in Rioja that does today.

This means our wines show a substantial Tempranillo backbone, but don’t have to be dominated by it… we allow some “international” grapes into our “creole” wines, which is what makes our wines exciting news in the generally conservative and chauvinist region of Rioja!

We always think out of the box and reach for the stars, literally… That’s why we planted a vineyard in Rioja Alavesa with Tempranillo grapes at 680m above sea level.

Many said our Extrême Vineyard was impossible, that we would be crazy to even try… And now here we are, almost 10 years later, enjoying that ever so sweet taste of success.