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    Natalie Oliveros and Roberto Cipresso
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The current owners are Natalie Oliveros and Roberto Cipresso and from the beginning the company worked on the discovering of parcels of land characterized by a particular richness of soil and climatic profile in order to make vineyards based on its own production philosophy , with special selections of clones of Sangiovese planted at high density.
The vineyards currently in production were planted in the second half of the ‘90s; they are the vineyards of “Poggio al Sole” and “Pian Bossolino”, two very different personalities marked out by a different soil, altitude and exposition. The project of a new vineyard, located at Podere Giardinello, makes even more rich and complex the variety of grapes available for future productions; the parcel is situated on the western side of Montalcino and the territory is completely different from the previous ones.