• Varieties Cultivated: Yamada-Nishiki, Kokuryō Miyako
  • Country: Japan


Inoue Gomei was established in 1922. The brewery is located along the river bank with a beautiful scenery of the Mino mountain range and rice fields.
Fukuoka is part of the region of Kyūshū, which is Japan’s third largest island and is the most southwesterly of its four main islands. Kyūshū was the main conduit for continental influences in Japan because of its close proximity to the Korean Peninsula and it is thought that rice farming was introduced into Japan through the Kyūshū province around 500BC from China. Fukuoka prefecture is surrounded on three sides by sea and is bordered on its fourth side by the prefectures of Saga, Kumamoto and Ōita.
Inoue Gōmei is a brewery with a long tradition and has always strived to make only the highest quality Sake. They utilise the local ‘Itoshima’ Yamada-Nishiki rice to produce the Biden, Mii no Kotobuki, and Eiden brands, which have built a strong following amongst Sake connoisseurs. Inoue Gōmei are slow-pace brewers, with a high attention to detail, producing tiny amounts of sensational Sake. This is also a producer noted for its recent introduction of the ancient ‘Kokuryō Miyako’ rice variety.