• Varieties Cultivated: Sake
  • Name Of Proprietor: Carl Hirschmann, Benjamin Eymere, Etienne Russo
  • Winemaker: Regis Camus, Dassai, Urakasumi


HEAVENSAKE is a composition by acclaimed Champagne cellar master, Regis Camus, in collaboration with Japan’s most respected sake houses.

HEAVENSAKE’s French flair is the art of Regis Camus, a multi award-winning cellar master. Camus has lent his unrivalled blending skills to both expressions of HEAVENSAKE, pioneering a change in the tradition of sake-making. A true virtuoso, Camus forged a union between two of the world’s most discerning cultures.

Japanese tradition of excellence is delivered by two leaders in the centenary old craft of sake brewing. The houses of Dassai (Junmai Daiginjo) and Urakasumi (Junmai Ginjo) were chosen to help realise the vision of HEAVENSAKE. Their expertise, and dedication to perfection, set the grounds for the creation of a drink meeting the highest standards of purity and refinement.

The vision behind HEAVENSAKE is to offer the world’s purest alcohol drink. Low acidity, combined with the lack of sulphites provides a unique experience for body and mind, deemed “A BETTER HIGH”.