• Varieties Cultivated: Shizuoka-grown rice
  • Country: Japan


Established in 1864 – nearly 150 years of history. They continue to fastidiously craft sake brought to life with local ingredients, using purely the plentiful underground water from the Akaishi Mountains and Shizuoka-grown rice.
They use Shizuoka-grown rice for our sake. They have made contracts with local farmers, and use high-quality rice that is ideal for sake brewing.
They use natural underground water that gushes forth plentifully. When they brew our sake, they use plenty of clear underground water from the Akaishi Mountains (the Southern Alps).
Even today we honor the tradition of making our sake by hand. When preparing their Daiginjo (ultra-premium sake), they forego the use of machines and craft each batch by hand, relying on our experience and intuition. The sake brewed by their chief brewer and staff members is a highly refined product.
The Origin of “Hananomai”
The name comes from “Hananomai” (flower dance), one of the traditional “Hono Odori” (dances of dedication) passed down from antiquity along the Tenryu River System. “Hana” (flower) represents the flower of a rice plant, which becomes sustenance for life. It is a dance in which people pray for a bountiful harvest.