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The Giuliano Rosati wines are a colaboration between Regal’s owner and visonary Charlie Trivinia and the famed Tezza family in Veneto. Tezza is now in its third generation of winemaking in Italy’s hilly, bucolic Veneto region. Since 1998, the estate has been run by cousins Flavio, Vanio and Federico.

Giuliano Rosati is in remeberance of Charlie Trivinia’s Italian heritage. Their family originially hails from the Marche region, and when Charlie’s father Giulano arrived at Ellis Island they gave him the name ‘Charlie’ and thus ‘Giulano’ was quickly forgotten. Rosati is the maiden name of Charlie’s grandmother.

Naming his wine Giuliano Rosati implies our core values to always respect the roots of our heritage and history while being humble at the same time.