• Vineyard Area: The vineyards of the Erste+Neue winery are located in very different areas, with various soils and microclimates and at different altitudes. The vines cultivated are appropriate to their respective locations.
  • Winemaker: Gerhard Sanin


The year 1900 marked an important milestone in the history of the wine economy of Kaltern: seventy wine growers in Kaltern united to form the “Erste Kellereigenossenschaft,” Kaltern’s first wine co-operative. Their aim was to take over the production and marketing of their wines themselves.
The same year saw the beginning of work on the historical building next to the railway station. In 1925 followed another important step: the establishment of the “Neue Kellereigenossenschaft,” the new wine co-operative. Its head office was likewise located close to the station. The merger of these two co-operatives and the concomitant incorporation of the Baron Josef di Pauli co-operative in 1991 saw the formation of the “Erste + Neue Kellereigenossenschaft” wine co-operative in Kaltern.
Today, some 500 dedicated wine producers bring their harvests to the winery each year. The terraced vineyards of the co-operative’s members are picturesquely situated around Lake Kaltern and on the plateau at the foot of the Mendel mountain. The total area under cultivation amounts to approximately 280 hectares, distributed between various individual vineyards, producing wines that frequently bear resounding names. Separate processes are used to produce the appreciated premium wines from the grapes grown in cru and top quality locations.
The experience and willingness to experiment of several generations means that the “Erste + Neue” co-operative is today accomplished at producing reputable and well-known wines from 13 outstanding grape varieties. Among these are such local South Tyrolean grapes as Gewürztraminer, Lagrein and Vernatsch (Schiava), as well as international greats such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet and Merlot. The elegant Pinot Blanc and the fruity Sauvignon are also particular favourites.

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