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DUBL was born from the desire of Feudi di San Gregorio to experiment the Champenoise Method on native Campania grapes (Greco, Aglianico and Falanghina), which show a natural “sparkling vocation” enriched by an irreverent and jovial character.
The DUBL project starts in 2004. We were proud of the greatness of Irpinia indigenous vines and we decided to give them a new way to express their outstanding potential: through a four centuries old technique for the production of a sparkling wine in the bottle, the so-called Classical or Champenoise Method. We looked then for a consultant to help us along this path: not “just a technician” but a wine maker with a consolidated philosophy and experience in transferring to wines the soul of a terroir. Feudi di San Gregorio found this unique expertise in Anselme Selosse, a small producer from Avize in the Champagne region celebrated for his wines and for his deep knowledge of vines and vineyards. An encounter marking the beginning of our journey in combining – in our DUBL wines – the excellence of the sparkling technique with the uniqueness of the Irpinia terroir.
In April 2016, DUBL ESSE is presented, the limited edition Zero Dosage. ESSE (letter s) as for Selection, because it is made only with the best grapes of our Greco vineyards and expresses its full potential, with at least 36 months on lees. The packaging, conceived by the great designer Fabio Novembre, is an extraordinary expression of contemporary design.