The estate of the Ca’ Montanari Farm was born in 2002 (hence its name Opera 02) with just 5 hectares of vineyard, among the rolling hills of Levizzano Rangone. Soon the company gets bigger, growing on the whole hill (about 45 acres), with the purchase of a stable from the ’50s, now converted into a vinegar loft and an agrotourism .The passion of the Montanari family for land and agriculture has remote origins. Grandfather Renzo and grandmother Irma transmitted to sons and grandchildren the spirit and the values of the local traditions and products.

In 2002 were planted the first Grasparossa vines, one of the most ancient vine varieties in the world. The name “Grasparossa” comes from its peculiarities, namely the red shade that the vine’s leaf has in autumn. In the following years, other vines of Malbo Gentile, Moscato, Fiano and Trebbiano di Modena (whose grapes are necessary for the production of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena) have been implanted.

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