Domaine de Fondrèche featured in Forbes

Check out this article on Southern French Rosé, featuring Domaine de Fondrèche!
By Brian Freedman
“Marrenon’s export director Robert Oustric pointed out in an email that, “Nearly all our rosé come from specific / selected parcels of vineyards.” I saw this more often than I expected, and it allows those who do it to grow and harvest grapes with the explicit intention of leveraging their particular character for their rosé. Domaine de Fondrèche, in Mazan, also does this, and their excellent Persia 2016, the first vintage of the Mourvèdre-dominant rosé, shows how brilliant the wines can be: It’s gorgeous, with a nose of wild strawberries and flowers and a balanced, concentrated palate of iris, strawberries, and fantastic acidity. Fondrèche’s Anouck Doreau told me in an email that, “This practice is common if you want to make a good rosé,” but “the most difficult is to find a good terroir!”

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