Fool's Ransom

  Foo’s Ransom   1.5 oz. Cotswolds London Dry gin .75 oz. Don Ciccio & Figli Finocchietto 1 oz. fresh lime splash prosecco   Shake all but sparkling wine. Strain into chilled wine glass or Collins glass over ice. Fill with prosecco and stir.

Daq and Coke

  Daq and Coke   2 oz. Atlantico Reserva .5 oz. simple syrup 1 oz. fresh lime .5 oz. Mexican Coke 2 dashes Dashfire Hibiscus bitters   Shake and serve up in chilled coupe. Float soda on top. Orchid garnish.

The Carry On

  The Carry-On   1 oz. Atlantico Gran Reserva 1 oz. oz. Montanaro 6 PM Aperitivo .75 oz. Borgogno Bianco .25 oz . Varnelli Punch Fantasia liqueur   Stir and serve over ice in an Old-Fashioned glass. Garnish with a slice of dried mango

Goa Big

  Goa Big or Goa Home   2 oz. Paul John Brilliance .5 oz. Montanaro Rosso vermouth .5 oz. Orgeat Dropper Dashfire Grapefruit bitters Pinch Sea salt   Stir all ingredients with ice in an Old-Fashioned glass. Garnish with expressed grapefruit peel.

Otto's Elephant

  Otto’s Elephant   1.5 oz. Elephant London Dry gin .5 oz. Otto’s Athens vermouth 1 oz. fresh grapefruit 2 oz. Fever Tree tonic   Build all ingredients with ice in Collins glass and stir. Garnish with mint bouquet.


  SouthBound and Down   2 oz. Thomas Dakin Gin 1 oz. Borgogno Chinato .25 oz. Montanaro Extra Dry Vermouth .25 oz. Varnelli Moka 1 dropper Dashfire Bay Leaf bitters   Stir and serve over ice. Add bitters to finish. Garnish with expressed lemon peel.

Irish Stout

  The Irish Stout   1.5 oz Dead Rabbit Irish whiskey 0.5 oz Varnelli Caffe Moka 1 oz Strong cold brew coffee 3 oz Irish Stout 0.5 oz Vanilla syrup Dollop of fresh whipped cream   Add the whiskey, liqueur and coffee in a shaker tin. Add three icecubes, and give the tin a quick … Continue reading The Irish Stout

Rumbustion (2)

  Rumbustion   1 oz. Atlantico Platino .5 oz. Otto’s vermouth .5 oz. Don Ciccio Mandarinetto 2 oz. fresh grapefruit .25 oz. simple syrup 1 oz. soda Serve in Collins glass, rimmed with coarse salt, over ice. Garnish with long grapefruit peel and thyme sprig.  

Rush Hour

  Rush Hour   2 oz. Dead Rabbit Whiskey .75 oz. honey .75 oz. fresh lemon juice .5 oz. Montepulciano   Shake and strain over ice. Float red wine. Garnish with orange slice.

Scorched Earth- Harvest Apple

  Harvest Apple Fashioned   2 oz. Domaine Dupont Fine Reserve Calvados .25 oz. Don Ciccio & Figli Nocino .25 oz. simple syrup 2 dashes Peychaud’s bitters   Stir and serve over ice in Old-Fashioned glass. Garnish with candied walnuts.