Domaine Select Wine & Spirits Acquires Denver Based Il Castagno Distributors and Unity Selections to Form “Local Merchants Of Colorado”

NEW YORK, Dec. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Domaine Select Wine & Spirits (“DSWS”), one of the industry’s most progressive importers and distributors of fine wine and artisan spirits, today announced the acquisitions of two Denver-based fine wine and spirit distributors: Il Castagno Distributors and Unity Selections. These entities will be consolidated under the name Local Merchants of Colorado.
“The launch of Local Merchants of Colorado corroborates the strengthening of the identity of our local distribution network,” says DSWS President of Wholesale Division, Allison Domeneghetti. “Local is the future way of business that respects traditions and celebrates the personality of the local communities, from the source to the customer.”
Local Merchants of Colorado will be run as an independent unit of the wholesale division of DSWS and will continue to be led by Andy Lum (Founder of Unity Selections) and Chris Bates (President of Il Castagno), as General Sales Manager and General Manager, respectively. The current portfolio and staff of Il Castagno and Unity Selections will remain largely intact and plans are in place for continued dynamic growth. The company will be directed by Allison Domeneghetti, President of DSWS Wholesale, and will benefit from support of the DSWS infrastructure, including leadership by DSWS group Interim President & COO Evis Savvides, who will oversee the transition strategy.
“I am very excited about the launch of Local Merchants of Colorado and the support we will receive from DSWS and the integration with Il Castagno. This will strengthen our relationships with our suppliers, help us to grow our sales team, and increase our presence in the market. Local Merchants of Colorado will provide improved service and an even greater selection of world class wines and spirits for our customers here in Colorado,” says Andy Lum, Founder of Unity Selections.
“The acquisitions of Il Castagno and Unity Selections represent another important step in the growth of Domaine Select Wine & Spirits,” explains DSWS Chairman, Daniel Holtz. “Additionally, the synergies resulting from a combination of these two entities will prove significant from a sales, service and portfolio standpoint as well as through operational efficiencies.”
About Local Merchants of Colorado
Founded in 2016 by the acquisition and integration of two complementary Denver based boutique distributors, Local Merchants of Colorado is committed to the promotion of wines, spirits and sake that have a clear and powerful connection with their local origin. The diverse portfolio celebrates this careful selection to deliver the best quality, while highlighting the personality and tradition. Inspiration and strategy are led by a local team of dynamic professionals. Local Merchants of Colorado operates its own warehousing and delivery service.
About Domaine Select Wine & Spirits
Founded in 1999, Domaine Select Wine & Spirits ( is dedicated to wines and artisanal spirits of the highest quality and which demonstrate excellence and tremendous character, particular to their origin. DSWS is committed to transmitting the individuality of our producers; expression, diversity, tradition and personality are the tenets of DSWS. DSWS was named 2010 Importer of the Year by Food & Wine Magazine, received recognition by Wine & Spirits Magazine as a Top Importer of 2016 and was nominated by Wine Enthusiast Magazine as 2016 Importer of the Year.
SOURCE Domaine Select Wine & Spirits
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