Domaine Select at Los Angeles Food & Wine 2015

This year’s LA Food and Wine Festival took to the streets, blocking off a section of Grand Avenue in Downtown LA for three nights. The sleek facades of the Walt Disney Concert Hall and modern art museum, The Broad, both stood as a backdrop to the red-carpeted outdoor promenade, which gave the feel of a bustling night market, full of beautifully interesting people, and interestingly beautiful people.

Full of bite-sized portions from some the world’s most famous chefs, along with – of course – wine. Lots and lots of wine. The line up from Domaine Select this year provided a sensory tour of the old world, including Champagne Philippe Gonet, Champagne Fleury, Leth, Alvaro Castro, COS, Mirafiore, Movia, Colle Massari, Grattamacco, Sant’Helena, Medici Ermete, and for good measure, a sampling of fine amaro from Lucano and Varnelli. A mix of chefs, sommeliers, consumers, and members of the press lined up at the Domaine Select table with an empty glass, leaving with a tangible sense of the wines’ stories. Feedback from the festival-goers was, as expected, enthusiastic. Notable moments and items of mention go to:

Grattamacco Rosso, for consumer favorite, red
Alvaro Castro Dao White, for consumer favorite, white, and most photos taken of bottle with cellphone
Movia Sauvignon, for Somm’s favorite, white
COS Cerasuolo, for Somm’s favorite, red
Champagne Gonet, for fast depletion of samples
Medici Ermete Lambrusco, for sleeper hit of the festival

The three-day festival came to a close Saturday night as The Roots took the stage. We thought the crowds would carry over to the stage during the musical portion, but the Domaine Select table remained a hot spot all the way until the last minute. All around it was a quite a successful event for Domaine Select, and of course we would like to thank all of our producers this year who made it possible to participate. Cheers to LA Food & Wine 2015 and we look forward to 2016!

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