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Our Classic & Vintage Artisanal Spirits brands, which is a division from Domaine Select Wine & Spirits, were featured as the Best New Spirits of 2017 by Wine & Spirits Magazine. See below:
Dashfire Sichuan Bitters
Lee Egbert lived for a year and a half in China and, like an explorer of old, traveled extensively throughout Asia and the subcontinent with an eye toward the spice trade. He’s brought this experience together in Dashfire, his bitters company, which serves as a corrective for the sad state so many commercial bitters have fallen into—relying on essential oils, glycerin and dyes for flavor, texture and color. Dashfire bitters are all-natural, and it comes through in the purity and honesty of their flavors. Witness the new Sichuan bitters. With an herbal bitterness, spicy tang and just a brief flicker of numbing, these bitters plunge deeply into gin and tequila drinks, bringing forth a subtle spice. New this year too: Creole bitters that function like Peychaud’s but without red dye No. 40.
WhistlePig Farmstock Rye
In 2010, WhistlePig’s founders came out of the gate with tantalizingly smooth and spicy rye whiskey and a great story—they were going to grow their own rye on a farm in Vermont and make a true farm-to-bottle, single-site whiskey. The problem was that the initial spirit was sourced from Canada; their rye wouldn’t be available for years. It’s still not quite ready, but they used their own rye for a fifth of this whiskey, blended with some Canadian and Indiana stock. Vermont and Canada were both aged in native Vermont oak, as well. The result is a delicious—and highly encouraging—debut, fruity, spicy and bright, as rye should be. Whiskey ages slowly in Vermont, so it might be a while until that mature, 100-percent version comes around. But Farmstock is plenty to enjoy while we’re waiting.
Don Ciccio & Figli C3 Carciofo
Founded by Francesco Amodeo in Washington, DC, Don Ciccio & Figli produces an astonishing line of amari, aperitivi and licori based on recipes Amodeo has adapted from his grandfather and great grandfather, both distillers on the Amalfi Coast. The line is now distributed nationally (by Domaine Select), including the newest product, C3 Carciofo. Based on three varieties of artichoke, cardoons and grapefruit, it’s full of baking spice and sarsaparilla notes, with the slightly bitter, slightly sweet flavor of roasted artichoke brightened by a fl ash of citrusy zest. It’s a natural for an aperitivo with soda and an orange slice or a satisfying post-meal corrective.

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