10 Whiskey Distilleries Poised to Make Waves in the Next Decade – WhistlePig

Our classic & Vintage producer WhistlepPig was recently featured on Eater in a great article that highlights the potential of the brand. Read below:

With hundreds of distilleries launched across the United States in the last few years, now is the perfect time to look ahead and see which whiskey producers are poised to rise above the rest.

Herein, to qualify as an important up-and-comer, distilleries must be generally under the radar—so, that eliminates the most well-known burgeoning producers across the country, such as Balcones and Corsair. Further, these distilleries should be relatively new entrants, open for 10 years or fewer. That knocks out guys like Anchor Distilling Company and St. George Spirits.

“I think in 10 years, the smaller independent brands and companies will have a much bigger voice …”

Beyond that, distilleries should either have a proven track record of quality products, along with experimentation and innovation, or another component which sets them apart. For instance, in the case of the soon-to-open distilleries included in this list, they’ve made particularly large investments into their equipment and operations.

In the next 10 years, expect these operations to thrive, and for smaller distilleries to continue playing a more prominent role. “The big brands will always have a large market share but that will be eaten into by the better smaller distilleries,” projects Andrew Shand, master distiller of Virginia Distillery Company. “I think in 10 years, the smaller independent brands and companies will have a much bigger voice and certainly more respect from the big guys than they do now,” adds Andy Nelson of Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery in Nashville.

With apologies to the many dozens of other excellent rising whiskey distilleries across the land, here’s a look at 10 whiskey producers who will be big in 10 years.


Another brand who has built a reputation based on sourced whiskey, WhistlePig is beginning distillation in earnest this year. Not only that, but their Vermont farm is set to grow their own grain onsite as well. As with Angel’s Envy, WhistlePig will have to prove that they can distill—and not just source, age and bottle—but with master distiller Dave Pickerell running the show that shouldn’t be an issue. Pickerell was the former longtime master distiller at Maker’s Mark, and has since been a respected craft distilling consultant, helping numerous other companies in their startup endeavors.

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